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Misha Refrigeration

Founded in 1956, Misha Refrigeration Ltd. is one of

Israel's leading refrigeration and air treatment companies.

Misha Refrigeration Ltd. is a long-standing, experienced

and reliable company, known to thousands of satisfied

customers in Israel and throughout the world.

We specialize in a wide variety of refrigeration and air treatment solutions and invests great resources in system development and planning. Using advanced technologies, we focus on: energy savings, sustainability environmentally friendly standards for providing state of the art and cost efficient solutions.

The company has a great deal of experience in the design and implementation of customized solutions, to meet customer needs and field conditions.

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Daughter Company

DryGair Energies Ltd. was established in 2010 in order to design, develop and market an efficient and environment-friendly dehumidification solution for horticultural projects. 

Leading the horticulture dehumidifiers market for over a decade, DryGair specializes in humidity control and creating optimal climate conditions for greenhouses and growing rooms.

DryGair’s horticultural and engineering knowledge and experience are infused into state of the art products, built with the highest manufacturing standards. The patent protected  products were developed as a growing tool for growers.

Misha Refrigeration Ltd. is a shareholder and responsible for R&D, engineering, technology and manufacture aspects of the company.

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